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Garage Conversion Building Regulations

Converting a garage to "Full Habitable Room" standards requires Building Regulation approval, at Convert My Garage we ensure that our projects fully comply and our clients receive all the relevant local authority certification. Garage Conversion Building Regulations are completely separate from Garage Conversion Planning Permission and cover the following areas of the project

Most projects feature brickwork to the front elevation, which needs to be supported on either a concrete foundation of suitable depth or alternatively a lintel can be installed below ground level if there are adequate existing walls. Any retained walls need to be checked for structural stability. If an opening is to be created from the existing house a lintel to support the brickwork above will be required. Usually the existing concrete base of the garage can be retained but will need to be structurally checked, the base will need to be knocked up if there is insufficient height to allow the installation of base insulation.

Damp Proofing
The existing base and any external walls will need sufficient damp proof performance

The base and external walls of the converted garage need to be insulated to current standards. Windows and doors need to be glazed with Low E glass to ensure they have adequate heat retention performance. If the garage is not integral it will require insulation in the ceiling. Prior to the floor being screeded it will require insulation.

Adequate ventilation will be required to prevent condensation built up

Fire Safety
In some garage conversion projects, depending on the existing property, a fire exist will be required

Of course all electrical work will need to comply with safety requlations
This is not a full list of all relevant garage conversion building regulations, which are individual to each project.

Garage Conversion Building Regulations

can be complicated and vary with each individual project. Convert My Garage clients can have complete peace of mind that their project complies with all relevant Garage Conversion Building Regulations, and they will receive copies of all their paperwork.